Statistical Skier - Data

The following pages provide access to some basic data on skiers:

Athlete Detail
- Race details and summaries for individual skiers. Currently limited to skiers with at least some "major" international experience (World Cup, World Ski Championships, Olympics, Tour de Ski).
Athelete vs Athlete Details
- See how a single skier performs against a specific set of opponents when they race directly against each other.
Athelete Development Trends
- Compare a skier's development against a reference group, e.g. World Cup podium skiers, Olympic medalists, etc.
Nation Summaries
- Performance summaries for all skiers from a nation, or group of nations.
Skier ELO Ratings
- Alternate skier ratings using an ELO style rating system. In this system, skiers all start with a default number of points, and they exchange points with each skier they race against, with the winner gaining points and vice versa. The exchange of points is adjusted based on the margin between each pair of skiers and each skier's current rating. Additionally, the ratings can be tuned to be more or less "volatile". Increasing volatility makes the ratings change rapidly with each race. Making them less volatile makes the ratings change more slowly.